n o o d Designer / a o i Philosophy(理念): 「Self Love and Create Communication」 noodはモノづくりの姿勢、デザイン、アイテムを通じて関わる皆様に 自分を愛する心と、 それに伴うコミュニーションを創造していく力を提案していく。 目まぐるしく変化していく時代に これらの2つを常に研究していくことが 健やかな心と体を作り上げるには必要不可欠。 Brand concept(コンセプト): 「Art in life 」 生活の中のアート。 日常の中に非日常を感じることで驚き、 非日常の中で日常を感じることで安心する。 何かをミックスすることで起こる感動をデザインする。 繊細で大胆なデザインに、 上質なナチュラル素材。 形、素材、色。ミックス感を楽しんで。 profile: 大学卒業後、服飾専門学校にてニットを学ぶ. 在学中よりアクセサリーを製作販売. アパレルデザイナーとして勤務後、独立する. アクセサリーブランドnoodを立ち上げ、全国や海外等でも販売. 自身で製作したアイテムや日本の職人と共同したものも. Philosophy: "Self Love and Create Communication" nood is for everyone involved through the attitude of manufacturing, design, and items self-love and We will propose the power to create communication that accompanies it. In an era of rapid change It is important to constantly study these two Essential for building a healthy mind and body. Brand concept: "Art in life" art in life. Surprised by feeling extraordinary in everyday life, I feel relieved by feeling everyday in extraordinary. Designing the emotions that arise from mixing something. With a delicate and bold design, High quality natural material. shape, material and color. Enjoy the feeling of mixing. After graduating from university, studied knitting at a fashion school. Manufactures and sells accessories while still in school. After working as an apparel designer, he became independent. He launched the accessory brand nod and sold it nationwide and overseas. He also made his own items and collaborated with Japanese craftsmen. Inspired by nature and the flow of life, design and production. To modern women who have various faces and fight every day at work or private Put the comfort and energy you feel when you wear it into your accessories.